Developing Our Future

Education & Workforce Development works to create alliances between local schools and businesses in an effort to improve relationships and communication between the education community and the business sector.

The program is jointly sponsored by the Greene County Partnership and the Greeneville and Greene County school systems and incorporates five main components: Tennessee Scholars, Master Partnerships, Job Shadowing, Teacher Supply Depot, and an Educator In-Service. 

Education & Workforce Development Goals:

  • To enhance the educational experiences of all students through greater exposure to various resources which exist in businesses, institutions, and organizations serving the community.
  • To involve businesses in school programs that will directly and indirectly benefit the businesses.
  • To enhance communication between schools and businesses so that both have a more realistic view of the other and a greater sense of common purpose.
  • To promote improved alliances between education and the world of work.
  • To improve the quality of life in Greeneville and Greene County for all citizens. 


TN Scholars

The Tennessee Scholars initiative is a business-led, rewards and incentives campaign that encourages students to take more rigorous and challenging courses of study in high school. The Tennessee Scholars curriculum provides an education that better prepares students to enter universities, community colleges, career and technical education schools, the military or the workforce. A partnership between school districts, local Chambers of Commerce, and the business community, the Tennessee Scholars initiative is endorsed by the Tennessee Department of Education, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tennessee Business Roundtable, and many other education coalitions throughout the state. 

Students can become Tennessee Scholars by choosing to complete the Tennessee Scholar curriculum at their high schools. Applications are available from high school guidance counselors. 

View program requirements at

Advantages to becoming a Tennessee Scholar

  • Recognition – As Tennessee Scholars, students are recognized by teachers, parents, and community leaders as individuals who accept challenges and set high goals for success.
  • Choices – After graduating as Tennessee Scholars, students are better prepared to enter the workforce or to attend colleges, universities or trade schools. They have more choices available to them.
  • Better Jobs – Employers prefer to hire individuals with strong academic backgrounds and sound decision-making and critical-thinking skills to fill good, well-paying jobs.
  • College – Tennessee Scholars are stronger candidates for certain types of financial aid and scholarships. They are also better prepared for college and are less likely to need costly remedial classes while in school. Statistics show that Tennessee Scholar graduates score higher on both the ACT and SAT and have a greater chance of being accepted to the college or university of their choice.
  • Incentives – Businesses offer many incentives to scholars who stay on track during all four years of high school. Tennessee Scholars receive incentives at various stages of completion of the scholars course of study and are honored at graduation with special recognition.
  • Parents – Parents are crucial to the students’ success in the scholar initiative. In the eighth grade, each student will prepare a state-recommended high school four-year plan with the help of his or her parents and counselors. Parents should work with the counselor to help their children meet Tennessee Scholars course requirements. Most importantly, a parent’s encouragement and support are essential in helping a student succeed in this challenging academic program.
  • Community – The Tennessee Scholars initiative is a business-led partnership between businesses and the schools. Business professionals provide leadership and incentives for students who stay on track and who graduate on time as Tennessee Scholars.

Master Partnerships

The Master Partnership program was developed and designed to partner local businesses and industries with Greeneville City Schools and Greene County Schools. Contracts between schools and businesses are as varied as the needs of students and the interests of businesses in the community. The necessary ingredients of a good partnership are a genuine concern for the education of children and an interest in creating a cooperative union in which both the children and the business benefit. Since the program’s inception in 1996, more than 200 partnership contracts have been signed.

For more information or to set up a Master Partnership, contact
Christina Potts at (423) 638-4111 or email

What Can Partners Do For Schools?

  • Provide curriculum support materials, incentive awards, support for math, science, computer education and technology, release time for employees to tutor students or display space for student work or notices of school events.
  • Host tours of the business’ facilities, provide shadowing opportunities for students, teachers and administrators.
  • Sponsor an award for Teacher of the Year for any outstanding teacher, seminars for students, faculty and/or parents on soft skills, space in business publications to highlight partnership activities, part-time, summer or post-graduation employment to students.
  • Provide incentives to identified potential “at risk” students to encourage their graduation, support for substance abuse educational program(s).
  • Recognize students who have made an improvement in academic achievement, attendance and/or behavior and students who enroll in honors or advanced placement classes.
  • Sponsor educational field trips, reading incentive programs, an art contest, or co-sponsor joint beautification projects.
  • Donate used equipment or materials, tickets to cultural or other appropriate events, or monies for new or updated equipment. 
  • Serve as judges for various competitive events, guest speakers, and participate in career days.
  • Adopt an Academic Scholar Program.
  • Host meetings for the school.
  • Purchase an ad in the school’s publication(s).

What Can Schools Do For Their Partners?

  • Always remember to thank their partners….personal notes from students are highly effective!
  • Establish a liaison at the school to channel all ideas and coordinate activities.
  • Provide visibility by submitting partnership information to be used in press releases and school publicity, space in the school to highlight partnership activities, choral or musical performances for special occasions or receptions, decorations such as centerpieces or signs for partner functions and meetings, art work for display at the business, a referral system for prospective employees, a tour of the school and explanation of curriculum.
  • Invite their partners to “shadow” teachers or administrators, serve on advisory committees and task forces, participate in community projects with their schools, and have breakfast or coffee with the principal or a teacher and a tour of a few classrooms.
  • Initiate a student “Partners Club” or have the Student Council assist with planning partnership activities.
  • Sponsor a logo contest to design a logo for partnership activities or a “Battle of Partners” contest involving softball games, races, or other competitive activities.
  • Obtain birthdays of employees and have students send birthday cards or send baked goods on special occasions.
  • If applicable, have students submit designs that will be chosen by the partner for holiday cards/publications.
  • Give an update on partnership activities at PTA/PTSA meetings.
  • Put partners on the mailing lists – communicate! Share school and student success with partners, particularly where the partners have been involved, and make sure to share monthly activity calendars with them.

Summer Educator In-Service

Education & Workforce Development holds an educator in-service opportunity for teachers, counselors and administrators of the Greeneville and Greene County school systems each summer. The in-service includes tours of businesses and industries and meetings with plant managers, company presidents, and human resource and training representatives. The purpose of this program is to offer insight into what the industry and manufacturing sector is looking for in future employees, as well as give the host companies an opportunity to express their ideas and concerns regarding students and education with the educators themselves. Discussions cover issues such as skills needed in today’s workforce and how those skill needs will change in the next five years, job availability, changing technologies, and work ethic.

This free in-service is a day-long event, with one facility tour in the morning and another in the afternoon. The program is accepted by both local schools systems and qualifies for professional development credit. The Partnership offers this in-service as a continuing effort to provide better communication between the world of education and the world of work.

Next In-Service Date: TBA

Registration: Contact the Greene County Partnership, (423) 638-4111 or via email at

Teacher Supply Depot

It is estimated that teachers spend between $500 and $700 of their own money each year on supplies for their classrooms. Through the Teacher Supply Depot, teachers have access to items that businesses, retail stores, and individuals have donated. Donations are collected year-round, and teachers are given the opportunity to visit the depot two to three times throughout the year, depending on funding.

School budgets cannot always supply our children and teachers with all of the resources they need to succeed in school. The Teacher Supply Depot is an excellent way to contribute to education while disposing of items that needlessly fill landfills. Many items that are costly for businesses to discard could be used by local teachers! These materials can end up as creative student projects and innovative teaching aids.

Next Opening Date:  TBA

The Teacher Supply Depot is currently open by appointment only. For more information, contact the Greene County Partnership at (423) 638-4111 or via email at


The Teacher Supply Depot is able to maintain its status through community donations. 

  • Walmart Distribution Center has been the primary sponsor of the Teacher Supply Depot since its beginning in 2003. 
  • The Niswonger Foundation makes monetary donations annually to support the depot, allowing supplies to be purchased that might not be donated through Walmart D/C or other area businesses.
  • Other businesses/groups who have contributed to the Teacher Supply Depot include: The Office Shop, Greeneville Federal Bank, Brian Click, The Newcomers Club, Roberts Furniture, American Greetings – Greeneville, The Greeneville Sun, Tegrant, Embarq, John Deere Power Products, and Marshalls Stores.

A special “thank you” to Ballad Health for providing a location for the Teacher Supply Depot.

For more information or to make a donation, contact Christina Potts at (423) 638-4111 or email