The Book of Mamaw

Eugene Wolf, who is from Greeneville (born in Rabbit Hill in Cocke County) has performed his one-man show in New York and almost London (postponed by Covid). This is his story of being raised by his Mamaw, Bernice Rader. Rhonda Hinkle Broyles, his bandmate from Greeneville High School, went to New York to see this play. She wrote, “The Book Of Mamaw touches virtually every aspect of life as a human, all swept up in songs that reflect relationships that leave skid marks, bright city lights, small town chatter, graveside weeping, singing pigs and hope eternal. Laughter, silence, sing-alongs, shout-outs, and grief all erupt from the audience as Eugene magically creates how his Mamaw rescued a 2-year-old boy.

She gave him steadfastness, love, a model of faith in God, music, and direction–along with freedom–to become the performer and person he became.” Best of all, Eugene Wolf enables us to see Greeneville even more as the charming, SPECIAL town that it is!

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Sep 18 2021


7:00 pm



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