Tusculum University

Pioneer Arena:  basketball and volleyball courts (seats 2,000)

Pioneer Park:   baseball field (seats 2,400)

Pioneer Field:  football/soccer/lacrosse stadium (seats 3,500)

Pioneer Gym:  regulation basketball (no bleachers)

Red Edmonds Field:  softball stadium (seats 200)

Nichols Tennis Complex:  6 courts (seats 100)

Indoor Practice Facility:  60 yds x 60 yds (seats 200)

Soccer practice field:  120 yds x 80 yds (seats 200)

2 Football practice fields:  360 ft x 160 ft

Fescue field:  100 yds x 150 yds (no seating) – not lighted

2 Beach Volleyball courts (Sand – Outdoors) – not lighted

1 Indoor Swimming pool

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