The Program

The Agribusiness Committee of the Greene County Partnership promotes agriculture in the area and is composed of individuals representing agriculture, businesses and state offices, as well as dairy and beef farmers.  The committee hosts various events each year that focus on promotion of farmers and agriculture. 

Agribusiness Events

Farm-City Banquet 

The Farm-City Banquet is held in November at the Clyde Austin 4-H Camp and is designed to bring agriculture representatives and business professionals together for an evening of enjoyment.  The event features a dinner with all the trimmings, the presentation of two special awards and a speaker for the evening.

Kids’ Day on the Farm 

Kids’ Day on the Farm hosts more than 500 local city and county third-grade students and teachers at the UT Research & Education Center in September/October.  The visitors experience the many aspects of farm life, as well as sample all kinds of dairy refreshments.

Beef Day celebration

The Beef Day Celebration in July at the Greene Farmers Co-Op pays homage to the beef farmers and the important part they play in our lives.  Those attending will enjoy free beef samples, contests and entertainment.

June Dairy Days Celebration

The June Dairy Days Celebration in June at the Greene County Fairgrounds Livestock Pavilion pays homage to dairy farmers and the important part they play in our lives.  Those attending enjoy free dairy food samples, contests and entertainment.

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